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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. a holiday tragedy off the coast of long island. a yacht capsizes sending 27 people into the water. this morning three children are dead. we'll have the latest from the scene. >> intense and oppressive heat alerts posted in 24 states today on the heels of one of the hottest 4th of julys on record. but some much needed relief may final i be on the way. >> and road to recovery. the texas graduate student who was mauled by chimpanzees in south africa moved to a new hospital this morning. we're live with the next step in his recovery. we're live thursday july 5, his recovery. we're live thursday july 5, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm natalie morales. >> and i'm willie geist in for matt this morning. just a devastating day in new york for a family on a yacht watching the feerks and it capsized. >> sadly three people died at the scene. now an investigation is under way to determine what caused that boat to capsize. we'll get a live report straight ahead. >> also ahead this morning, a controversial firing in florida. a lifeguard let go after he helped save a man's life. the problem? he broke policy by going outside his patrol zone. we're going to hear from upset co-workers who now have quit in protest. >> and take a look at last night's fireworks display in san diego. all 15 seconds or so of it. all of the fireworks apparently
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accidentally went off at the same time to the dismay and confusion of the crowd. i say they got jiped. we begin with the deadly late night accident off long island. jonathan from our wnbc station here in oyster bay is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. according to investigators, 27 people were on board that privately owned boat. they were friends, family trying to celebrate the fireworks and the holiday. a massive wake from a neighboring boat capsized that vessel, sending all 27 people into the water. it happened three miles off the coast of oyster bay. a massive recovery effort as friends waited here on the shore for what they hoped would be good news. while 24 victims were immediately pulled from the
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water, it took crews several hours to find the remaining three, they were children. we're told they were dead at the scene. it is a silver tin motor yacht, completely underwater about 60 feet. they say while a wake could have played a role, it also could have been overloaded. again, 27 people on a 34 foot boat. >> i was just going to ask you that. are investigators thinking the boat was overcapacity with 27 people on board and it being a 34-footer? >> reporter: yeah. that was a question we asked them. and what they told us was it was too early into the investigation to jump to any conclusions. obviously when a boat is overloaded when a wake hits it, it makes it very unstable, easy to flip over. we went to the silverton web site and it was unclear what the capacity for that boat is. >> jonathan, thank you.
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it's now 7:04 and here's willie. >> natalie, thank you. there will be no relief today from the dangerous heat wave in a stretches from the midwest to the mid-atlantic after a record setting 4th of july. john yang is in triple digit heat in chicago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the forecast back above 100 here in chicago today. officials are beginning to warn residents about this dangerous and potentially deadly heat. as the nation celebrated its 236th birthday with fireworks, across much of the country it was as hot as a fire cracker. chicago had only its second triple digit 4th of july on record. this bank thermometer hit 104 degrees. the official high, 102, tying a record set more than a century ago. >> we need to protect ourselves
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and those who are at greatest risk from heat-related illness this summer season. >> we're tough but this one -- this one is a little more than we're used to. >> lake michigan beaches were jammed but water temperatures in the mid 70s didn't offer much relief. with the nation's mid section in the grip of hot air, excessive heat warnings continue. in des moines people tried to have some holiday fun despite blistering heat. >> too hot! we're having a good time. >> reporter: st. louis hit triple digits for the seventh straight day, the longest streak in more than 50 years. some efforts to beat the heat had tragic results. at least three children died after being electrocuted while swimming in lakes in missouri and tennessee in two separate incidents. work crews in areas hit hard but last week's powerful storms spent the holiday removing downed trees, clearing the way for utility workers to restore
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power. nearly a million people are beginning their sixth day without electricity or air conditioning. >> we usually work 16 hours but we extended to 19 hours, we felt sorry for the people being without pow person. >> i can't wait to go home. i'm so tired of this. >> reporter: this family-owned grocery store in chevy chase, maryland has been without power since friday night. >> we've lost everything. we've lost everything that required refrigeration. >> reporter: an excessive heat advisory remains in place here until tomorrow night and officials are beginning to worry about the effects of this intensifying heat. willie? >> all right, john yang, stay cool if you can in chicago today. >> i was noticing coming in it's already in the 80s. let's check and see if there's any relief in sight. stephanie abrams is in for al this morning. >> good morning. it is going to stay hot but do i have good news. let's talk about the excessive heat and how much longer it's going to last. we are going to see it not only
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in chicago, down to memphis, over to the plains and all the way over to the east coast. here's a look at current temperatures. natalie mentioned already in the 80s but that extends back into places like kansas city, back into memphis and northbound to minneapolis. chicago we could tie a record today and down towards kansas city and st. louis. look at st. louis. we could crush our record and there is relief in sight. there's a trough coming. highs will be in the 80s in chicago in the coming days. more on that coming up. >> thank you, stephanie. we're going to get the rest of her forecast in just a moment. >> but first, tameron hall over at the newsdesk. >> the largest release of documents from wikileaks coming this morning, publishing 2.5 e-mails related to the situation in syria and discusses the use of western intelligence gathering technology to aid in pinpointing rebels.
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julian is still hold up seeking political asylum. >> an antiterrorism raid on london's olympics park. police say the operation was not connected to the games. a freight drain derailment near chicago has caused a bridge to collapse. 31 cars of a 138 car coal train went off the 86-foot long bridge on wednesday. amazingly no one was injured but the incident is under investigation. >> a wildfire in colorado that's claimed two lives, decimated some 350 homes and charred 28 square miles could be fully contained by sunday. this according to firefighter there is who say rain and cooler temperatures are helping them battle the blaze but a new 380 square mile wildfire has exploded in eastern montana burning 16 homes already. experts estimate there are 45 large fires burning nationwide.
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>> george zimmerman learns whether he will remain in jail. a judge is set to release his ruling. zimmerman's initial bond was revoked last month. >> it was a big bang at san diego's independence day fireworks show last night when a technical glitch caused all of the fireworks to ignite early, all at once. spectators were told go home after just 15 second-long eruption. officials apologized but you can hear people screaming. they thought it was cool for those seconds. >> the hot dog eating contest, joey chestnut gobbled his way to glory with his sixth straight win at the coney island event eating 68 hot dogs and buns in ten seconds. the record setter was sonya "the
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black widow" thomas, gobbling down 45 hot dogs and buns, breaking the record he she saturda previously. she said she wasn't to eat her age in hot dogs, turning 45. what do you say? willie, stephanie, my >> i think they're immune to indigestion. she's got her "a" game on, baby. >> you want to do this? >> later. let's turn it back over to stephanie. we have some severe weather we need to talk about. this morning we do have the threat for stronger thunderstorms here blasting through cleveland. we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 1:00. this will continue heading into the afternoon hours. everywhere you see red, watch out for hail and damag >> as they cool off we start to
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heat up. good morning to you. temperatures won't be too bad yet. wait until i get the seven-day forecast. san jose, the cloud deck breaking apart. we'll hit about 75 in los gatos. 76 in redwood city so. overall cooler than yesterday. as we head throughout friday into the weekend, that's when the climb kicks into high gear. next week 90s, monsoonal moisture and isolated thunderstorms. so enjoy this nice break. >> willie, over to you. this was supposed to be a quiet week for mitt romney taking time off the campaign trail to be with his family. but he changed all that with an interview before a fourth of july appearance. nbc's ron mott is near the romney family compound in new hampshire. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. at issue is the president's health care law which the supreme court upheld last week, specifically whether people who don't buy coverage as mandated are subject to a penalty or a tax. apparently there is a difference of opinion inside the romney
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campaign. >> happy fourth to you! >> reporter: on the fourth of july, mitt romney set off some political fireworks over the federal health care law and a word that gets many people fired up. tax. >> the supreme court is the final word, right? isn't it the highest court in the land. they said it was a tax, didn't they? so it is a tax. >> reporter: it is an apparent 180-degree pivot from the campaign's position just 48 hours before in which his senior advisor explained romney's view of the hell care law's so-called individual mandate on msnbc. >> he disagrees with the court ruling that the mandate was a tax. >> so it's a tax. >> reporter: in an interview that aired wednesday night on cbs, romney did not directly answer the question saying instead -- >> now the supreme court has spoken and while i agreed with the dissent, that's taken over by the fact that the majority of the court said it's a tax, and therefore it is a tax. >> reporter: as such, he went on to attack president obama for violating his pledge not to raise taxes on middle class
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americans. for its part, turnabout was seized on by the obama campaign, responding in a statement that romney, quote, threw his top aide under the bus," adding that romney has contradicted himself on the massachusetts mandate many times in the past. meantime, the president prepared to watch the capitol's fireworks display from the white house south lawn. >> it's supposed to be hot. it's the fourth of july. >> reporter: earlier, he attended a swearing-in ceremony for newly naturalized american citizens. >> we're lifting the shadow of deportation from deserving young people who were brought to this country as children. that's why we still need a dream act. >> i meet people who represent the best of america. >> reporter: romney addresses dreams of a different sort in a new web video called "the best of america." >> these americans are quiet heroes. they raise strong families and they dream big dreams. >> reporter: the ad was released
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on the heels of a new "vanity fair" article scrutinizing his wealth estimated as high as a quarter billion dollars and how much of that fortune may sit in tax shelters overseas. governor romney has long maintained that a lot of his investments are in a blind trust that he neither controls nor oversees. so from here it is a few more days of r&r out on the lake before hitting the campaign trail in earnest again on sunday. >> thank you, ron mott. chuck todd is nbc's chief political correspondent. the "wall street journal" writing this morning very pointedly that, if mitt romney in fact loses this presidential election, a turning point could be that conversation you had monday with his advisor where he said the penalty imposed under the affordable care act is not a tax. then more comes back yesterday and says, yes, in fact it is. what's going on inside the campaign, number one. number two, could this be a turning point? >> i don't know if it is a turning point but it gets at the fundamental weakness many
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conservatives believed mitt romney always had, which is on the fundamental issue that rallied conservatives got republicans control of congress, health care, mitt romney was not in the ideal place for where the republican nominee for this republican party needs to be. and we saw that on monday, and we saw that yesterday. and that is simply because the model for this health care plan is massachusetts. and you saw romney yesterday take pains -- he didn't really disagree with whthe aide said t me -- he said look, i agreed with the dissent. but now the supreme court has spoken so it is a tax so it seems like he's intellectually saying i'm reluctantly allowing -- that's what the supreme court's -- the highest law in the land, that's what they say, i'll say what they say. but he seems to be struggling with it and it is the most animating issue at the base of the republican party. so in that respect, as far as
7:16 am
"wall street journal," this goes back to what has been the -- what some conservatives would argue the fundamental flaw of mitt romney from the get-go. >> chuck, can then mitt romney go out on the campaign trail and use this as an issue saying, yes, this is in fact a tax as many conservatives would like him to, given the fact that he had something very similar, as you say, in massachusetts? >> no, i don't think he will. but i didn't think he was going to before. the only way he was going to be able to successfully use health care is if there was an overturn. i think because of the awkward relationship between the massachusetts health plan and the president obama's health plan, he just can't campaign on it in the same way. now he's got something that he can rely on now which is the rest of the republican party, house and senate candidates, they are going to run against health care. their mindset it's always been in the romney campaign -- talk about the economy, talk about the economy, talk about the economy. health care, clearly not a winner for them anyway, but even if it were, i still suspect they would say xeconomy first.
7:17 am
>> the "vanity fair" piece ron mentioned, it tries to trace romney's money to places like the cayman islands, bermuda, switzerland. why not just release tax returns beyond 2010? >> he's fought that fight and he's not going to do it. you get the sense -- you sort of know why. in what he has released, the fact that there was a swiss bank account, it caused all sorts of distractions. the obama has always believed that there's something about mitt romney that they can always tell sort of average americans, hey, he's not like you, he's different from you. look at their bus tour today. they're calling it "betting on america." this isn't just about the president talking about the auto bailout in ohio. it's also trying to trdraw subt distensions, hey, mitt romney worked and he actually had companies that sent jobs overseas. look at mitt romney, he kept some his money outside of america. this is all part of a bigger contrast the obama folks are trying to draw. >> that bus tour kicks off in ohio today. it's 7:17.
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here's natalie. there wasn't much to celebrate on wednesday for the newly resigned ceo of barclays. the american executive was put on hot seat by angry politicians in britain over his bank's rate fixing scandal. nbc's michelle kosinski is in london for us. >> reporter: hi, natalie. the american bob diamond built barclays into a powerhouse but 16 years to the day after he started there he faced sort of a public flogging with even his young banker daughter rudely defending him, not pretty for an industry that's taken some real heat lately. >> what kind of firm were you running? that's ultimately one of the reasons you've lost your job, mr. diamond. >> reporter: for three hours on the fourth of july. >> you were xlcomplicity in wha was going on or were you grossly negligent or grossly incompetent. >> a parliament committee grilled and skewered the fallen titan. he admitted some traders broke
7:19 am
the rules for years. >> the behavior was aberrant. equally wrong. it was horrible. there was no excuse. when i read the e-mails from those traders, i got physically ill. >> reporter: he says he didn't know until recently, then put a stop to it. the barclays traders were fudging numbers and certain interest rates they were paying to boost profits, avoid problems. some of their e-mails will push the cash downwards, keep it to yourself, otherwise it won't work. i'm sure a few names made a killing. dude, i owe you big time. come over one day after work. i'm opening a bottle of bollinger. >> cheating the ordinary public, cheating investors. >> reporter: in response, diamond's 23-year-old daughter, a graduate of princeton university sent an obscene tweet telling two top government officials do something we can't repeat here. she took it down, then tweeted tasteful support for her dad. here they are making a diamond
7:20 am
symbol at a jay-z concert last year. her father's success sentinel to a $25,000 a year high school, fashion runway shows, charity balls. deemed by one american website at one of wall street's hottest offspring, obviously feeling her father's pain. >> from your point of view it doesn't wash. mps tell him he ought to give up his $30 million bonus because the buck stopped with him. we will therefore be forfeiting the invested shares in the company as that's what you told us you would do in this situation. >> as i said earlier, that's a discussion with the board. >> reporter: today the house of commons will hold a debate. there's been a real discussion here over whether it would be a deterrent if individual bankers were punished for their misdeeds instead of generally just the banks. natalie? >> michelle kosinski in london for us, thank you. 7:20. here's willie. now to the texas graduate student who was attacked by chimps at a wildfire life
7:21 am
sanctuary in south africa. this morning he's being moved to a new hospital in johannesburg. nbc is there. >> reporter: good morning to you, willie. the student is being checked into a new facility here in johannesburg, a city with an american consulate and perhaps a little more support for andrew and for his parents. still sedated, andrew left the hospital where he's been treated for the last week. he was driven by ambulance to an airfield nearby to be flown to johannesburg. a step closer to home and perhaps closer to the recovery his doctors are confident that he can make. >> on behalf of the staff and the doctors, we wish him a very speedy recovery and to his parents as well. >> reporter: he's been taken to one of the most highly regarded hospitals in africa. it is where nelson mandela was treated when he fell ill in january last year and it is where andrew will now be treated for the severe injuries he
7:22 am
suffered from head to toe when he was attack at a chimpanzee sanctuary days ago. he's thought to have enraged the chimps by stepping beyond a security fence. when warning shots didn't calm them, the sanctuary's director had to fire a handgun at one chimp through the windshield of his vehicle. he's been moved to an isolated part of johannesburg's zoo where he'll be kept for the next month. for andrew, moving hospital today might indicate the amount of progress that he's made so far. it might also be a reason to hope that he'll be home before too long. back in the u.s., andrew's friends have set up an online fund to raise money for any medical or travel expenses there might be. they have raised thousands of dollars already, and some financial support perhaps for a family who have endured so much already. >> let's hope for that speedy recovery. thank you. coming up -- new information about katie holmes' apparently
7:23 am
carefully planned split from tom cruise and how he's keeping in touch with their daughter, suri. but first, this is "today" on nbc. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy.
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just ahead, the great white sightings that have frightened beach goers on both coasts. >> after your local news.
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>> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. several lanes on the bay bridge are still blocked right now as the chp investigate as possible shooting. it's creating a major headache for commuters. christie smith is live on the bridge. she joins us with the latest. christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are still down to just one lane on the lower deck of the bay bridge this morning, as you can see chp investigators walking around, four lanes shut down, still at this hour. this started at 1:30 this morning with a pursuit on the lower deck. they tried to stop a driver who was speeding possibly up to 100 miles an hour but the driver lost control and crashed. there was an exchange of gun
7:27 am
fire. two people injured in the crash. at one point the entire lower deck was completely shut down. that has changed now. again, just one lane reopened. we spoke with the chp about when this whole thing might get moving again because boy, this has been a complete headache and they are telling me the best they can say is late morning. that's the latest from here. for more ideas how you might want to get around i'll turn it over to mike. >> good morning. first of all, talking about one lane of the lower deck open. that's not going to cut it. the live shot coming through the middle of the screen you see the headlights stacked up. that's northbound 101 approaching the skyway and the split. it's jammed up from hospital curve and the approach all the way across the upper deck, the lower deck, sorry. the upper deck as well because of a new accident around hospital curve as well. the opposite direction, both directions of the bay bridge are backed up now. b.a.r.t. is a great option as well as the san mateo bridge or
7:28 am
the richmond bridge. richmond to the north, san mateo to the south. lighter volume for the rest of the bay. how is that day shaping up? >> pretty good, much better than the drive. stay off the bay bridge. 76. great looking afternoon. bayside the upper 70s, throughout the weekend temperatures stay nice and warm for this time of year. you need that spf. then we warm you up for the start of next week. >> thank you very much. another local update in about a half hour. neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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7:30 on this july morning, thursday, july 5th, 2012. a big crowd on hand. we're going to have some of our own tomorrow on "today" when we have a live concert on the plaza, a big dance party outside. inside studio 1a, alongside willie geist. when i hear that, i get going. >> can't happen soon enough. you've been dancing for four days. >> a big concern for beach goers on both coasts. >> a big white sighting forced
7:31 am
popular beaches to close after shark sightings off cape cod in massachusetts. >> and lifeguards are paid to keep beaches safe. why was one lifeguard in florida fired for helping to save a life? we're going to hear from him. >> and an incredible story. a mom who finally saw her newborn daughter six weeks after giving birth. she had a blood clot on her brain. doctors were forced to deliver the baby while she was unconscious. >> we begin with katie holmes' decision to file for divorce on tom cruise and how long that's been in the work. craig nelson has the latest. >> reporter: we are here in chelsea, katie's new neighborhood. details on why she decided to leave tom cruise, all of that is up in the air. one thing is for sure, she's not hiding. over the past few days she's been spotted here in chelsea
7:32 am
eating ice cream, shopping in the whole foods, walking in the streets, all of this as we learn more about how she orchestrated it and who helped her. katie and suri, strolling, smiling and celebrating independence day in their new chelsea neighborhood. they spent some of wednesday shopping at whole foods, at one point stopping for a picture in the meat section. as the 33-year-old adjusts to her new life, new details are emerging about how her life with tom cruise suddenly ended. >> she was telling tom i love you but was doing things secretly. >> reporter: according to sources, the dawson's creek darling had been meticulously plotting the split for a while. she reportedly told cruise she decided to up and move to a new apartment because it had a private garage, which would help her escape the paparazzi. >> she told him the reason she wanted to move was because she was seeking privacy but in reality she was actually moving out of their apartment and starting their new life. >> reporter: according to the
7:33 am
sources, her side kicks in her secret plot to split, her parents, especially her father, who is a high powered lawyer. >> her father came in, hired a security detail, swapped her cell phone to a new cell phone. she cleaned how the. >> reporter: but tom cruise was believed to be back in los angeles for his 50th birthday has been in contact with suri, reportedly talking to his 6-year-old daughter on the phone several times a day. the biggest questions looming, who will get custody of suri and how tom cruise's scientology faith become an issue? according to "people," there's a pre-nup. that may protect cruise's fortune to a certain extent but may not help him gain custody or limit his child support payments. >> he's probably looking at very significant number if he's not
7:34 am
awarded custody because the courts are going to try to provide the child with the same standard of living she would have enjoyed if the marriage had remained in tact and these people live a tremendous lifestyle. >> reporter: now, there have been reports swirling about over the past day or so that katie had filed paperwork to make all of the details about the divorce public and asked the judge for an emergency hearing regarding custody and child support. i spoke with her attorney last night. he told me via e-mail that those reports were absolutely not true. >> craig melvin this morning, thank you so much. now here's natalie. >> imagine you're a lifeguard and you're told someone is drowning. you jump into action to save that person's life, right? that's exactly what a lifeguard in florida did this week but instead of a pat on the back, he got fired. nbc's mark potter explains. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. this is a case where there are two arguments. one says the rules are the rules
7:35 am
and they cannot be broken. the other one says give the guy a break. he only broke the rules to save a life. 21-year-old thomas lopez is a lifeguard whose job it is to save lives but on monday he says he was fired after trying to save someone from drowning. when a stranger ran up to him asking for help, lopez jumped out of his lifeguard chair. >> i was on a stand and a guest came up and told me there was someone drowning, that people were screaming. so i started running in that direction. >> reporter: he ran past the green flag marking his patrol zone to a location several hundred feet away. there a man was struggling in the water in an unguarded section of the beach where a sign said "swim at your own risk." >> on the radio i heard tommy saying i'm going for a rescue but it's out of our zone. our manager matt williams, was telling him don't go, just try to call 911. >> reporter: when lopez arrived at the scene, beach goers had pulled the man out of the water.
7:36 am
>> i put him in the recovery position, which we were trained to do and had a nurse help me. >> reporter: he cared for the victim until paramedics arrived. but when he got back to his chair, he feared he was in trouble. >> i'm going to lose my job, aren't i? >> reporter: that's exactly what happened. they fired lopez for leaving his area and not following proper procedures. >> i was prepared for it. i had anyway morals in tact. >> reporter: he said he knew the incident wasn't in his zone but felt he had to do something. nbc news spoke with the management company and they said "we node to know the exact facts of what happened. once this is investigation is completed, we will determine what's right." several other lifeguards have quit in protest over the incident. >> if that was my family right
7:37 am
there, i would go for them, too. >> i'm not going to sit there and watch someone drown. we're lifeguards. >> reporter: in a statement the city said "we take the safety to all visitors to our beaches very seriously." the president of the lifeguard management company expects the investigation to be completed today and it will be reviewed and thomas lopez will fiends out if he gets his job back. >> i'm assuming the man who was saved is grateful to-to-lopez's actions. needs to be said. >> i would certainly think so. >> thanks so much, mark potter. let's get a check of the weather from steph any abrams, who is in for al. >> we're joined by this familiar will who has seen 48 of the 50 states in one van. how long did it take? >> it took 11 years to go to all 50 states.
7:38 am
favorite state? >> hawaii. >> hawaii. >> hawaii. >> hawaii. >> hawaii it is across the board. let me talk about the relief. i've been telling you all morning it's coming. it's coming from the midwest sunday to tuesday. highs only into the upper 80s. that's >> they are going to get cooler, we will get warmer as we head into next week. today, unseasonably cool courtesy of the low clouds that formed and pushed almost all the way inland. we're getting a break, lots of sunshine in san joseut you have mostly cloudy conditions in oakland and the east shore. temperatures today in the upper 70s, low 80s. 81 in fairfield. 71 concord. the next couple days temperatures mild, then we soar as we head into next week. 90s back in the mix. >> natalie, back inside to you. >> stephanie, thank you. coming up next, the growing
7:39 am
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and delivering it full of fresh food to a place fresh can't be found. ♪ easy. [ male announcer ] watch the adventure at back now at 7:42. it's been well reported the number of people abusing prescription pain killers is on the rise nationwide. but what happens when women are hooked get pregnant? kate snow is here with the story about the babies caught in the middle. >> reporter: we're not talking about just a few babies. more than 13,000 babies were born addicted to pain killers in
7:43 am
2009 alone. it's dangerous for the babies, overwhelming for neonatal intensive care units and costing a fortune. there's an epidemic of babies born addicted to prescription pain killers and it's only getting worse. >> five years ago we might have admitted five or six babies a year for withdrawal and now we're admitting between 75 and 80 babies a year for withdrawal. that's a big jump. >> seven or eight times the number. nurse michelle waddell is the director of neonato services in ft. myers. she says babies born to mom addicted to pain killers during pregnancy have tremors, digestive problems and cry inconsolably. >> what can do you to make her feel better? >> she gets a pacifier, she's bundled and swadled and we give her morphine. >> reporter: on the day we visited the neonatal intensive
7:44 am
care unit, 10% of the babies here were being treated for withdrawal. if that sounds unusual, sadly it's not. would you call this a health care crisis for our system as a whole? >> the answer is heck yes. >> reporter: dr. david chafin runs a critic for addicts in the heart of appalachia. >> the most common problem in pregnancy in this area right now by far and away is addiction. swamps everything else. >> reporter: logan is one month old. he's stiff and cries easily. his symptoms could last for months and doctors worry about what will lhappen to all of thee babies when their mothers take them home. >> one of the reasons we keep them for so long is because they're difficult babies. i've got a woman with no coping
7:45 am
skips that takes drugs going home with a baby that's very difficult to deal with. >> reporter: amber smith is one of the mothers. logan is her fourth child, the second to go through withdrawal. do you feel -- i ask this because i'm a mom, i would feel really guilty if i did something i felt like i hurt my baby. >> i cried for days. i want to hold him and tell him how sorry i was. >> reporter: who do you blame? >> i don't blame anybody. >> reporter: it would be easy to blame the moms? >> yeah. you just have to work with them to take good care of their baby and to hope that they get treatment themselves and that maybe their life will get better as their child's life gets better. >> reporter: in her 31 years as a nurse, michelle waddell says it's the hardest thing she's ever had to do, treating innocent babies who had no choice in their fate and more
7:46 am
are arriving every single day. mothers like amber wanted to talk to us to help other moms avoid what they've been through. pregnant women who are receiving treatment can't go cold turkey so they switch to something look methadone but it still causes their baby to go through withdrawal. >> you wonder what happens to their babies as they get older. >> they're still studying that. >> you can see kate's full report on "rock center with brian williams." up next, a beach scare. great whites spotted off the coast of california and massachusetts. we'll have a live report right after this.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
back now at 7:49. with a rash of great white sightings at popular beaches on both coasts. answer t ann thompson is in chatham, massachusetts. >> reporter: good morning. independent got the tough assignment. seeing a great white shark is an extremely rare thing. those seeking sand and surf are certainly on the lookout. as the east coast sweats through a fire cracker of a 4th of july holiday, the thought of a dip in the ocean isn't as refreshing as it should sound. the waters are a bit crowded this week with swimmers of a different sort -- sharks. it was a hot 4th of july in 1975 when steven spielberg made every swimmer take notice of murky shadows, real and imagined under
7:51 am
their feet. now life is imitating art. >> we'd be out of the water instantly if we saw that. >> reporter: when these photos surfaced off chatham, massachusetts, one 16 foot long, it took beach goers and town officials on notice. >> we're suggesting swimmers need to be aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: chatham's harbor master advises calm but caution, advising them to stay away from seals, the sharks' snack food. >> you open the beaches on 4 9/of july, it's like ringing the dinner bell. >> reporter: not quite. the fearson creatures mostly mind their own business. >> they have a bad reputation. they're mostly there but don't want to have anything to do withus. >> reporter: this 800 pound monster was caught in california on monday. this time the beaches were
7:52 am
closed but just for a day. it's hard not to get caught up in the theatrics of it all but experts agree it's far more likely that too much sun will wreak havoc with your holiday than a monster out of the deep. despite what you may have seen out of the movie theaters, the last time there was a shark attack here in massachusetts was in 1936. and in fact, things are so zen here in chatham, they're doing yoga class on the beach. >> you might as well go join them, ann thompson. >> i want to! >> go for it. >> doctors deliver a woman's baby when she lay unconscious fighting for her life. six weeks later, she's met her daughter for the first time. >> we have that remarkable story after your local news. for months, i had this deep pain all over my body.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. jury deliberations resume today in the william lynch trial. lynch is accused of beating father jerold lindner at a los gatos retirement home back in 2010. he admits attacking the priest but says he did it because lindner sexually abused him as a boy. the jury could be trying to decide between misdemeanor and finance assault. lynch faces a maximum of four years behind bars. a look at the morning commute. it's rough. >> still very rough for the lower deck of the bridge and approaching that, the bay bridge we're talking about. a live look 101 down the middle of the screen. the traffic that is stacked up on the left side, that's the northbound 101. it's jammed up on our maps from the 280 interchange all the way up to the skyway across the lower deck. back to the ma, the traffic is red all the way up there and across to the "s" curve where the police activity occurs.
7:57 am
it happened early this morning and has been blocked up possibly through the morning commute. maybe 10:30 we might see improvement. until then until we give you an update, avoid that bay bridge. the san mateo bridge as one of the alternates, westbound is slower but eastbound the alternate to the lower deck not a major problem, christina. a lot of folks have the day off. how are they shaping up? >> can you imagine thinking there is going to be a light volume, then you hit the bay bridge. good thing we have mike inouye. the weather is nice. temperatures coming down by 5 degrees from yesterday's highs. we head through tomorrow, the upper 80s return inland and we're going to keep on climbing all the way through wednesday, adding humidity into the mix as well so enjoy the cooler than average weather as long as it lasts. laura, back to you. >> we will. thank you. for the latest you can check out nbc bay area on facebook. have a great thursday morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, the 5th of july, 2012. another scorcher on tap for much of the country. it's already 82 degrees on the plaza this morning. things are going to be even hotter tomorrow on our concert stage. i'm natalie morales here with willie geist in for matt. just imagine giving birth to your first child but you couldn't see her for six weeks. >> this is an amazing story.
8:01 am
a louisiana won just meeting her daughter for the very first time after she suffered a medical emergency. her baby delivered as she slipped in and out of consciousness. we'll talk to her husband and meet that little bundle of joy. >> she's adorable. can't wait to talk to the father. >> meanwhile, how did you meet the love of your life? some singles are now sniffing out potential mates at something called a pheremone party. >> we need a lot of explaining on that one. >> and nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. we'll talk to the winners and how they're feeling this morning. >> in one minute, how many hot dogs do you think you could eat? >> why don't we find out, natalie. >> we're on for it.
8:02 am
a little challenge here. first, though, let's go enside and check in on the morning's top stories with tamron at the ne news desk. >> good morning, everyone. in london six people were arrested. officials say the raids were not connected to this month's olympic games. armed police closed a section of the m-6 highway in central england following allegations that one of the 48 passengers on a bus was behaving suspiciously. no one was hurt and it is not being treated as a terror-related incident. >> a 4th of july celebration turned to tragedy on new york's long island sound. three children are dead after a boat capsized during a fireworks show off oyster bay. 24 relatives and friends on the 30 foot yacht were pulled from the water. police say there may have been too many people on board but the cause of the accident is under investigation. >> three children were electrocuted on the 4th of july
8:03 am
while swimming in lakes in missouri and tennessee and three more drown in a river in iowa. all of the kids were trying to cool off on a hot and humid day. today is going to be another one with temperatures expected to be above 100 degrees from virginia to nebraska. that is bad news for the hundreds of thousands of people who are starting a sixth day with no power after last week's severe storms. >> now to wall street. cnbc's mary thompson is at the new york stock exchange. >> wall street gets back to work today and they're focused on a wide variety of actions central banks are taking to boost economies. china cutting interest rates for the second time in two months, bank of england launching a third round of stimulus and the european bank cutting a key interest rate. now a look ahead to friday's june employment rate, which is expected to be unchanged at 8.2%. >> for a look of what's trending
8:04 am
today, what has you talking online. 33-year-old star claire danes is expecting her third child. and matthew mcconaughey and his wife are expecting their third child. and the newly discovered god particle is trending on twitter. it's win some, lose some for hocking, who bet that it would never be found. and hotels in seattle, portland and san francisco are offering theme vacation packages and hope you and your partner reenact key scenes from the erotic trilogy. as one professor in london says, she expect as baby boom in nine months from now thanks to the
8:05 am
book giving inspiration to millions of women. it is now 8:04. natalie -- i don't know. >> i want to know does it come with a room rate? >> i just think people are trying to find way to embrace their inner something. i don't want to say what it is. >> let's play it safe tamron. >> how does one reenact scenes from that book exactly? >> like i said, let's not go there. let's turn it over to stephanie. >> let's bring it up to the plaza and switch it up here. mrs. spencer how long did it get you to wear the mister part of this? >> it didn't take any time. i just told him he was going to wear it. >> do you like it? >> yeah, whatever she says. >> that was very convincing. let's go to the weather and he wears his name tag. in topeka, kansas, it's going to
8:06 am
be sunny. at least we'll see the heat contin got mostly cloudy conditions right now along the coastline and even across the bay in oakland. mostly cloudy. temperatures will warm nicely. 60 in sunnyvale and 70 at noon in san jose and round out the day in the upper seventh and low 80s. one of the cooler days in the extended period, temperatures ramping up as of tomorrow and hold on to the upper 80s through the weekend and the low 90s monday through wednesday with more humidity. all right, stephanie, thank you. up next here, the miracle mom to delivered her baby under a medical emergency while she was unconscious. we'll meet her little girl and find out how mom's doing now. that's right after this. we'll meet her little girl and find out who mom's doing now. [ female announcer ] looking for a bit of indulgence?
8:07 am
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found ya! you always find me. you always hide here. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker have always loved the taste of just-picked fruit. so it's no wonder why today smucker's makes the world's best jam. for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. back now at 8:10 with an incredible story. doctors forced to deliver a woman's first child as she lay unconscious fighting for her life. we're going to talk with her husband and meet her baby exclusively in a moment. first, tamron has the details. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. amber scott was a happy, healthy young woman getting ready for the birth of her child when tragedy struck. she suffered a blood clot on her brain. now, six weeks after giving birth, amber is seeing her little girl in person for the first time. >> reporter: 29-year-old amber scott couldn't wait to become a new mom.
8:11 am
in late may, amber was nine months pregnant when her husband, tommy, came home to find her seriously ill. >> i walked in the door, i called her name, no answer. i went to the back bedroom and i found her. she was breathing but she had one eye open, one eye was closed, a lot of moaning. she had -- she vomited. >> reporter: he called 911 and his wife was rushed to the hospital. >> it was a ruptured blood vessel and it caused a blood clot in her brain. number one was to save the baby. they did an emergency c section right away. >> reporter: little adeline was born healthy but she had a long way to go. doctors removed the clot, but it did not ease the swelling. >> the doctor said the only way right now is to remove a portion of her skull to let her brain keep swelling. >> reporter: for weeks amber was in and out of consciousness, her husband and family by her side while caring for the couple's newborn baby girl. >> it's all right, baby girl. >> reporter: in late june amber
8:12 am
finally woke up, but she wasn't well enough to hold or even see little adeline. >> we wanted to let her know the baby's okay. she started to smile a little bit and she always smiles now. >> reporter: amber has been making progress every day. last weekend, the moment the family had been waiting for. amber met adeline for the first time. >> she held the bottle and fed her. needed a little assistance but she knew what to do right away. she grabbed the bottle and went right for the month. so, i mean, she knows what's going on. for the first time adeline smiled, too. >> the fact that she has seen adeline now, that she acknowledges her, that makes me feel better. >> reporter: still a tough road is ahead for amber. she'll have physical therapy every day to work on her speech and motor skills. >> she's now communicating with us. she can tell us what's she needs and what she wants, what's bothering her. she's able to ask questions about what's going on. >> reporter: she also has to learn how to care for her baby daughter waiting patiently at home. >> i would have never thought that we would be this far so soon compared to where we were when we first started. but she has the motivation to
8:13 am
get better and i think she definitely will. >> doctors say amber will be in rehab for about a month. after that, she'll go home to carry on with her therapy. natalie. >> thanks so much, tamron. and amber's husband, tommy scott, is with us exclusively along with their beautiful baby girl, adeline. tommy, good morning. >> good morning. >> she is absolutely precious. wa a little angel. but you have been through so much in these last couple of weeks. first of all, how is amber doing? i understand it sounds like she was being a great mom, got to feed her baby for the first time and hold her over the week yebd. and she's going to see her again today? >> definitely, yeah. today is her birthday. she turns 30 today. after this we're going straight to the hospital to make our second visit. adeline is going to give her a present. we have card for her. she's doing real good, though, amber. she had a great day yesterday. >> yeah, it sounds like -- >> she was able to -- >> i'm sorry. go ahead.
8:14 am
>> okay. she had a great day yesterday. she was able to write for the first time. she gives us thumbs up, thumbs down on yes or no commands so she's doing great. >> it sounds like she's making great progress and a happy birthday to her. what are doctors saying about her prognosis? she's writing and communicating with you now. she's in rehabilitation. how long before she's able to do all the things she she needs to do on her own? >> it's hard to say. we take it day by day. her release date will be in one month, that's what we're shooting for so she can come home. but again, it's a day-by-day process. but every day she does get better. she is able to -- she does a little more every day. it gets better and better. >> i want to go back to that day, i believe it was may 22nd when amber told you she wasn't feeling well, she felt like she was having a migraine, which i understand she's had them in the past and you came home from work to find your wife unconscious. can you tell me what that was like for you?
8:15 am
>> man, it was -- i hope nobody ever has to go through that. i thought it was just a normal day. i called her a few times throughout the day and didn't get an answer, but i knew she was having a migraine, we thought, and it wasn't too uncommon. once i get home, everything rushes to your head. i called 911 right awaand the ambulance was there within ten minutes and we were at the hospital right away. it was crazy. i hope -- like i said, i hope nobody ever has to go through that. >> and little adeline was delivered through an emergency c-section. meanwhile, amber had to go through serious brain surgery right away. how was is for you, you know, you have this beautiful new little baby, but at the same time knowing that your wife in those first couple of weeks couldn't really participate in being a new mom and enjoy and love and hold her new baby girl? >> it tough. it's bittersweet. i mean, of course, you're happy. i'm happy that i'm a dad now. but, of course, i want to be with amber at all times, too.
8:16 am
it bittersweet. amber was so excited the last nine month, her whole life it was actually revolved around making sure everything was prepared for adeline. so it is sad but we try to include amber in everything that we can. we always tell her the daily activities that we did that day. we do our best to keep her informed. but it is sad. >> well, tommy, it sounds like she's progressing and we hope and pray for a speedy recovery. please keep us up to date. let us know what's going on and we hope to see her soon with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and a happy birthday again to amber. meanwhile, we'll be back right after this. d meanwhile we right after this.d meanwhile we off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve
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back now at 8:19 with a new trend in dating that may have some of you turning up your noses. jenna wolf is here to explain. >> in a good way. the latest matchmaking techniques is less about conversation and more about chemistry. pheromone parties are hitting the nation. all you need is a well-worn t-shirt and an open mind. forget speed dating. delete that online profile. today finding mr. or mrs. right is all in the nose. zip thought why aren't we dating by smells? clearly our types weren't leading me to anything worthwhile but my smell was.
8:21 am
>> created by judith praise in 2010, a pheromone party let's you sniff out love even before laying eyes on your potential match. most people subscribe to love at first sight. do you ascribe to love at first scent? >> i think it's one category. >> pheromones are scents used to attract a mapt. >> each of us has a unique smell. it comes from biology and circuitry and also from our habits. once you fall in love with somebody, that can really become an aphrodisiac. >> wear a t-shirt for three nights, place it in a bag,
8:22 am
number it and bring it to a party. >> i think most people here are here for curiosity. once you find an aroma that peaks your interest, take a picture with the bag and hope for the best. >> i don't know what it is but it's like magical. >> with the rules in place, t-shirts ready, it was time to release the odors. >> smells like saturday. college. oh, socks. >> studio 1a. lilacs. >> on the count of three say what it smells like. >> seaweed. >> cotton. >> how many of you think you can make a match just by smelling somebody's t-shirt tonight? >> i want to say because i'm a believer. >> i'm a little bit skeptical but i'm hoping tonight is going
8:23 am
to prove me wrong. >> you're all smelling each other's old funk. everyone's on the same level here. >> i think that more than the science it's a good conversation starter. >> here people feel very comfortable talking to anyone. it's such a strong icebreaker. >> what if you don't find the one? >> if you get a match that's awesome, please tell me about it but it's more about the experience. >> if nothing else, it's a creative approach to matchmak g matchmaking. would you not agree, willie? >> i'm all for finding love however you can but that's how dogs find their mates, too. >> we stayed at the front end of everything. we didn't get to the backnd for anything in the entire piece. >> i'm glad they sent jenna to do the hard hitting research. let's check in with willard scott for some special birthday wishes.
8:24 am
hey, willard. >> happy birthday to you, right here in the capital of the united states. middletown, connecticut, we have elsie davis. she's 105 years old today. she loves to read her bible. she has over 25 foster children. how about that, boys and girls. and eve clapick from encino, california, 100 years old today. she's famous for her cooking and her sense of humor. can't beat that. this is ollie brown from queens, new york, 100 years old today. worked as a mechanic for a ford motor company for 50 years. he can fix anything from an a to a z to a model t. >> june knudson is 100 years old from jamestown, north dakota.
8:25 am
she loves to crochet and spend time with her family. armond caplan from norfolk, virginia, still goes to work every day, 100 years old. some people love to work. martha coleman, 107 years told, an avid quilter. now back to new york city, home of happiness. >> willard, thank you. just ahead, guilt-free summer styles. hot look for under $25 after your local news. 8:26.
8:26 am
good morning, i'm john kelly. the lower deck of the bay bridge is closed for the most part after a crash shut is down for several hours this morning. the chp closing all eastbound lanes overnight. officers satisfy they were chasing a suspect out of san francisco when the driver lost control and slammed right into the side of the bridge. gunfire brome out a short time later. officers say two people hurt in the crash and san francisco police brought out homicide investigators but at this point they have not said whether anybody was shot and killed. right now over to the man who knows what is happening. mike, what is happening? >> you specify the bridge, basically, closed. you consider it where you don't want to go. the lower deck one lane only. one out of five lanes of
8:27 am
traffic! and closing the slow down from the s-curve to san francisco. the investigation continues. we don't know when it's going to reopen and thinking maybe a couple of hours but chp won't let us know because they don't know. very slow from the peninsula so head south to the san mateo bridge. no slow down there. >> mike, thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates check us out on nbc barry on facebook. we are back in one half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
i'm very competitive and i just love racing. once the starter says step up on the blocks, something switches. i know i put in the extra work and i've become a way better athlete than i've ever dreamed of. 8:30 now on this thursday morning, july 5th, 2012. willie, stop clapping. we're saying hello to our great crowd on the plaza. willie is dancing. >> willie's dancing?
8:31 am
that was a pavlovian instinct. >> you'll see it tomorrow for sure. just ahead this morning, you think you can't afford summer's hottest looks? think again. coming up, finding everything from dresses to bathing suits and glasses all for $25 or less. >> then we're going to catch up with legendary singer and songwriter emmy lou harris. she's a saint in nashville. not only does she have an amazing voice but a big heart to go with it. she'll show us the pet rescue she started in her own back yard. >> a lot of people complain about memory loss after having a child. is there any truth to the so-called "mommy brain"? >> there is truth. i definitely had it and still have it sometimes.
8:32 am
let's go to joey chestnut, winner of the nathan's hot dog eating contest. he had his sixth straight win. and sonya thomas ate 45. congratulations. how are you guys feeling? do you feel a little indigest n indigestion? >> i'm still recovering a little bit. >> can we touch your tummies? >> where do you put it all? 45 hot dogs yesterday. >> yes. >> where do they go? >> you're only 100 pounds. that's incredible. and you wanted to do one for every year because you just turned 45? >> this year i'm going to be 45 so i try to make a special year. >> how do you practice? do you practice at home? >> yeah, i have my girl friend or somebody cook up close to 70 hot dogs. every time i practice i try to
8:33 am
eat it and get it down and doing more the next time. >> is it like running a marathon? do you scale down as you get closer? >> absolutely. before the big contest i'm going to fast for about three days, eat nothing, be absolutely empty, maybe sure i'm loose and stretched. >> what do you do after? how do you get your body back to normal? >> back to normal you have to watch your diet and try to get more exercise. you cannot eat a lot of food. >> do you have any tips? willie and natalie want to do a face-off. >> we're going to see how many we can eat in one minute. >> eat with passion. >> eat with passion. >> okay. willie, grab your dog. countdown clock. okay? no water. you usually dip yours in water. here we go. ready, willie? >> go! >> you're always doing that.
8:34 am
>> hunch over. >> i'm not eating a hot dog on tv. you look like some mad bird. what are you doing? that was impressive. >> look at this! you are disqualified, natalie. >> there are going to be pigeons from all of new york coming down. >> i'm choking on that hot dog, which is not good. clearly i won by cheating. >> what's the ruling, guys? >> she definitely picked your butt. >> if there is karma, her sons will do this at home. >> he cheated, too. he had them in his pocket. >> there we go. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> we'll get a check of the forecast. . i think i got hit with
8:35 am
congratulations world champion of the world joey chestnut. a live look at his hometown, san jose looking good right now. fog is creeping over the coastal mountains. 65 in los gatos and 74 east shore in fremont. friday and saturday, temperatures slowly start to rise. we will be back in the 90s monday through wednesday of next week with more humidity and monsoonal flow here in the bay area. to find out the weather for the best hot dog eating, go to 24 hours a day. willie, you still chowing down over there? >> by the way, breaking news out of the plaza. we were told after the fact these were not cooked hot dogs. >> it's a good thing i cheated and threw half of them away. >> it's going to be a long day. up next, the hottest summer prints for
8:36 am
8:37 am
[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
8:38 am
♪ back now at 8:38. you can instantly update your wardrobe with pieces that are $25 or less. good morning, zana. >> good morning. >> july 4th is behind us but it's a good time to find some good pieces. >> it's sweltering outside and you want to find pieces easy on the pocketbook. >> you have these for 25. >> you can't buy three coffees for $25. the thing is with inexpensive pieces, it's all about the finishing touches. here we have the belt which elevates the whole look. always think about accessories.
8:39 am
don't go over the top because it sometimes has the opposite effect. >> let's move over to swim suits. retro really seems to be the trend this time around. this looks a little retro here. >> this is $15. i mean, what a bargain. >> it's perfect. >> this whole silhouette is perfect on all body types. it's cinches you in at the right places. the perfect accessory is a floppy brim hat. it's a big style statement. >> when you pick a hat like that, do you have to worry about the shape of your face? >> no, it's very glamorous. >> the whole outfit very glamorous for less than $40. let's move over here, it's a great t-shirt of a simple t-shirt and skirt. >> you don't want to put too much into it, $20 from bebe. comes in all different shades.
8:40 am
you can still it with a simple tank or go for a pretty blouse with it. >> i imagine when do you wear a peplum, you have to go leaner on the top, right? >> absolutely. balance the top with the wider bottom. >> and look at the cute sandals you found here. >> these would go perfect with everything. an evening flat, chic with a long maxi dress. >> those are on $20. >> a bargain. >> over here we're seeing a lot of that tribal look and tribal patterns. you found this outfit that has that look. >> this is zahra. it kind of a modern version on the tribal. anyone who has good legs should be buying little denim cutoffs this spring. >> what, the daisy dukes? >> maybe not quite that short.
8:41 am
also the big trend in sunglasses is flowered frames. we've seen a lot of celebrities wearing these and these are $12. >> i guess with accessories you don't want to be too matchy matchy, right? >> exactly. let's not keep it too organized here. >> and another big trend, we're seeing colored pants. >> they are not going anywhere. these are great to transition through to late august, early september. this top is a perennial in your closet. you can always throw on a striped tank. >> you accessorized it with the scarf. >> yes, i like the mismatch. >> when you're wearing a little peg leg pant like that, is the silhouette, do you wear longer leaner -- >> longer, leaner silhouettes on the top. a heel is great with this. >> thanks so much for finding
8:42 am
good bargains for us. >> coming up next, 12 time grammy winner emmy
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44. for nearly four decades emmylou harris has been singing her heart out. you don't have to be a country music fan to love her. jill rappaport caught up with her at her home in nashville. >> reporter: the singer, songwriter and musician is now hitting all the right notes on behalf of animals in need. we know her as a chart topping country music star with the signature platinum hair. but there's another side to emmylou harris you ever may not be aware of. the 12-time grammy winner is also an animal lover who run as
8:45 am
dog rescue in the back yard of her nashville home. she calls it bonaparte's retreat. >> it's named after my dog who traveled with me for many years, kind of my soul mate dog. i didn't think i wanted to get another dog. but then i thought i could have enough room to build a small rescue. >> reporter: we're in the middle of nashville, and you've turned your home, which is quite lovely, into a shelter for these unbelievable animals who were minutes away from being euthanized. >> we partner with metro animal who have to destroy so many dogs and cats every month. people don't spay and neuter an animals. that's one of the big things that needs to be addressed for those of us trying to help homeless animals. >> reporter: over the course of years you have saved many lives.
8:46 am
>> we have saved many lives. you're haunted by the ones you couldn't save. >> reporter: but then there the lucky ones who were saved, including bella. >> i basically did say to one of the people there which dog are you going to destroy next? and they pointed to a black lab mix of undetermined age who was lying there very calmly in her cage and she was on death row. i mean, she was very close. she'd run out of time. and for whatever reason if you look into her eyes, you'll see why bella ended up in the big house with me. >> reporter: she's become such an important member of the family that emmylou even wrote this song about her. ♪ a big black dog, a little too much gray
8:47 am
♪ big black dog >> reporter: the day i visited emmylou she was holding pet adoptions on her front lawn. >> every week we have the fosters bring the dogs they're fostering to a park so the dogs can socialize with each other. but also if someone is interested in adoption, we have them fill out an application. >> reporter: after a two-week waiting period that include as home visit to make sure the family and dog a good match, the adoption is finalized. >> and we've always had wonderful luck with the people who have adopted, people that will open up their homes to animals so they don't have to be in high kill shelters. it's really something that if we all gather together and gather our forces together that, well, hopefully there will be no more homeless pets. ♪ a big black dog, found her one day down there at the metro ♪
8:48 am
>> reporter: emmylou's program has 29 dog, ten in her own yard up for adoption. another project she has in the works is cad crossroads campus, which pairs people and animals in need and she approach describeds financi-- provides fl and emotional support for both. >> i lived in nashville for a time. emmylou harris is absolutely revered there, and it's not just because of her music. >> she provides these homes for animals and -- >> and how about bella? from death row -- >> reporter: and a beautiful song written about bella. >> this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
back now at 8:50 with our special series class of 2020 where we're following a group of students from their first day in kindergarten to their high school graduation. as the kid wrapped up fourth grade, their math lessons took them beyond multiplication tables and two of our students found their different approaches to numbers made them the perfect
8:51 am
team. >> happy pie day. >> no, not that kind of pie and not this kind of pie either. >> we're going to talk about the mathematical pi, which is this symbol spelled p-i. and it represents 3.14. >> how about we trace that first. >> reporter: zach and canaan are on the mission to find the circumference of a circle. >> that would be that and the remainder 3.5. >> maybe we can ask miss simons for help? >> no, we should try it ourselves. >> reporter: 10-year-old zach has always been an eager problem solver. >> what number is that? >> reporter: in kindergarten, zach showed an aptitude for math beyond his years. his curiosity about science led
8:52 am
to back yard experiments with his dad. >> he can take something he's seen in a book and conceptualized in his mind and apply it to every day activities. >> a radius is half of the circle, a diameter is a full circle. >> reporter: thanks to zach's love of math and science t, mat is easy as pi. for canaan, solving a problem is easy. talking about it is the hard part. >> he's more shy and reserved but he's really come out of his shell this year. >> reporter: canaan's mom says his confidence in the classroom is translating to more communication at school and at home. >> he's actually becoming more verbal with me where he talks about his feelings and things
8:53 am
that are happening in school, which is really nice. >> reporter: canaan has been classmates with zach for four of their five years in elementary school. along with his growing confidence, canaan's comfort level with zach makes him a good math partner. >> want to do it this time? >> let me do it. >> there is a mutual respect there. zach was respecting canaan's opinion and canaan felt comfortable enough with zach to be able to say i disagree. >> the diameter is 180. >> reporter: they test their answers on the playground. and now it's time for pie. >> i like cheese. this is good. >> reporter: this kind of pie and that kind of pie. >> we're having the p-i-e because of the p-i. >> kids will head to their final year of elementary school in the
8:54 am
fall. it's been amazing doing the series for i guess five years to see how much the kids have grown up and going into fifth grade. >> that's emotional. even looking at the video of them before and now. they're so different and mature. >> painful as we watch for all three of to us admit that they've now surpassed us in mathematics. >> we were remembering that pi was 3.14222, though. >> there's been some dispute about the hot dog eating contest. >> you think you actually won the contest. >> they declared you the video but i'd like to review. look at you. what are you doing there? i've got one in my pocket. you'll see another go in. technically three. >> you had three, i had one. i did pick up another one. willie is the winner of the cheaters.
8:55 am
8:56 am
time is 8:56. good morning, i'm jon kelley. a teen charged with killing a high school sports star is set to happen in court likely this afternoon. abraham haiti accused of fatally stabbing futi at a party in april. he was a star football for newark memorial high school. haiti pleaded not guilty to a murder count with a gang enhancement. ongoing story. problems on the east bay traffic
8:57 am
on the bay bridge. mike inouye is here to fill us in on that. >> two of your five lanes are open. one more than 30 minutes ago. slow coming into the city but a live look shows you traffic is visibly moving, slowly, but moving. more when the "today" comes back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
back now with more "today" on this thursday morning, july 5, 2012. we have a terrific crowd. still hanging out here all morning long with us on the plaza. this may be the best part of day before it gets too hot. it's already in the 80s. i'm natalie morales with willie geist. coming up if you forget names right after you meet someone, i do that. too much time searching for your cell phones or your keys? i do that. sometimes it's called mommy brain. does your wife have this? >> absolutely. >> i think you feel like you're losing your minds. is it true? is there such a thing as mommy brain? we do have an exercise for your brain this morning that will help you with your memory. all right, also ahead, before you toss out that stack of cds you have, maybe that
9:01 am
ratley old clothes, we're going to show you how to reuse them to save cash and be kinder to the environment while you do it. and we have new details on the katie holmes/tom cruise split. what role, if any, did scientology play and who will get custody of suri? plus, it's not just what you eat but sometimes it can be about how and when you eat that might be stalling your weight loss plans. this morning we have some simple solutions to get you back on track. first, though, let's get a check of the news right now. we go inside to tamron hall. an early morning anti-terror raid today near london's olympic park with british police using smoke grenades and stun guns. six people were arrested there but officials say the raid was not linked to the upcoming olympics. in a separate incident, anxious moments on a british highway in central england, armed police closed the road and searched a bus after reports of a man on the bus acting suspiciously.
9:02 am
no one was hurt. officials say that incident was not terror related. more blistering heat today in much of the u.s. with temperatures above 100 expected from nebraska to virginia. the efforts to beat the heat and celebrate the fourth of july had tragic results wednesday, at least three children died after being electrocuted while swimming in lakes in missouri and tennessee. three others died when their yacht with 27 people on board capsized in long island side. three more drowned in a river in iowa. in the meantime, power still out for the sixth day by thousands of homes affected by storms in the east. mitt romney is causing a stir after contradicting his own campaign's position on the health care individual mandate. he's calling it a tax, just days after his top adviser called it a penalty. meantime today, president obama is back on the campaign trail, kicking off a two-day bus tour of ohio and pennsylvania. officials say at least 45
9:03 am
large wildfires are burning nationwide with most of them burning in nine western states. firefighters in colorado springs are making progress, thanks to light rain on wednesday. that fire has killed at least two people. they hope to fully contain it by sunday. big fires are also burning in utah, wyoming, and montana. george zimmerman learns today whether or not he is to remain in jail as he awaits his trial for the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman had his initial bond rejoked last month and the judge ruled he and his wife misled the court about their finances. joey chestnut ate his wife to his sixth straight title on new york's coney ilan pep downed a jaw-dropping 68 hot dogs in ten minutes tieing his own personal best. he said this morning he's recovering. sania thomas won the women's competition with 45 hot dogs. she's known as the black widow
9:04 am
of the eating competition. you may not be aware of this one but this is the first ever panda awareness week. and to mark the occasion, take a look, 100 people, yes, those are people dressed up as join the pandas marched and participated in what else, tai chi in london's trafalgar square. it's estimated there are less than 1,600 giant pandas living in the wild today and more in captivity, most in breeding centers in china. check out this video just posted to youtube. this competitor in the 110 meter hurdle event at the chinese university games just could not be bothered to jump. look at him. you have to admire his spirit after all. if there's an obstacle in your path, what else are you supposed to do? plow right through it. i can't get enough of this video. four minutes past the hour.
9:05 am
stephanie, that's my kind of guy. >> can't beat it, go through it. >> i have a couple here, they have been feeling like newly weds for 50 years. why -- what has made it tick for this long. >> we're honest with each other and we have open communications. we communicate and let each other know what we want or what we think. >> a little marriage counseling. thank you. we appreciate it. let's go to the weather. they're from brownsville. this heat is nothing for them. >> nothing. >> you're like 90 degrees, 50 degrees, whatev. we could see records as we head throughout the day today. could see broken records in places like st. louis. 106 degrees. we will see a cooloff. we've been talking about it in the great lakes and into the northeast. chicago, i have a secret, this is just between you and me, this no secret. the sun is out here this morning. good morning. a great looking day shaping up. lots of sunny coming in, but
9:06 am
hey, more cloud cover to start means a cooler afternoon by 3 to 5 degrees and hot yesterday. we are forecasting 77 in napa and 77 concord. into the coming weekend, staying around our average and creep back above average. temperatures soaring into the 90s monday and wednesday through next week. >> natalie, back to you. >> this portion of "today" is brought to you by mcdonald's. >> stephanie, thanks. this morning on "today's woman," forgetfulness. whether it's mommy's brain or constantly for getting your car keys, we're all guilty of it. doctor, good to see you. >> great to see you. >> you're going to start me off with a brain teaser. >> this is something we do in
9:07 am
the office. i'm going to tell you three words. i want toup you -- you to pay attention. camera, universe, hockey stick. >> a lot of us have complained about memory loss during pregnancy. i think i still suffer from it being not pregnant. is it a real thing? >> the so-called mommy brain. if you ask a bunch of women, they'll tell you it is real. the scientific research doesn't really support that. when you give pregnant women memory tests most of them do well. however, it is a time of surging hormones so that can absolutely affect mood and even memory but i think the bigger reason is that when you're pregnant and certainly once you have small children, you are multi-tasking, you're not sleeping well, you you are very stressed and all of those things can affect your memory. so absolutely moms and pregnant women report having more trouble with memory. is there truly a physiologic
9:08 am
change going on, probably not. which is good news. >> you say there are four factors that contribute to memory loss. the first thing is being stressed. >> when you're under chronic stress, you're exposed to a hormone called cortisol. with chronic exposure, it can cause changes in your brain, it can cause heart disease, obesity. if you are under stress, which many women are, juggling kids, taking care of parents, careers. how do you manage stress? it's easier said than done. one tried and true method is meditation. it's been proven in clinical studies to reduce stress. whether it's 20 or 30 minutes a day, deep breathing exercises. don't ignore the stress. >> also you say estrogen in flux can change your memory as well. >> estrogen has many protective
9:09 am
effects for women. one of the things it protects is our brain and memory function. women who go through menopause when there is fallen estrogen can experience fairly significant memory issues. usually this is temporary because once you adjust to the new hormone levels, the memory improves. talk to your doctor about possible short-term hormone replacement that could make a difference. >> another thing is weight gain. it can typically trigger memory loss as well. what's the relation there? >> obesity can cause a host of medical issues. now we're finding it can worsen your brain function. one study showed the higher your bmi is, the lower you would score on memory tests. one more reason to make sure you're at a healthy weight, get your weight under control. >> sleep troubles. as you mentioned, lack of sleep, which we all experience. maybe that's the reason for my memory loss at times. >> probably. this is a big one. absolutely sleep deprivation can
9:10 am
affect your memory. you'll find when you have not had a good night's sleep, you're forgetting things and not able to function mentally. getting to those six to eight hours at least is important. >> also you say can you exercise your brain to better your memory. >> just like we want to exercise the muscles of our body, we need to exercise our brain to ward off dementia. dancing is great. you're having to coordinate your muscles in ways you're not used to. exercise in general is great, doing something you're not usually doing, if you're right handed, use your left hand to comb your hair. books, reading books. doing a book club for example where you're reading but you're also discussing it with your
9:11 am
friends. all of these things can exercise your brain. >> also doing cross word puzzles and brain teasers let's see if i remember this. >> what are those three words? >> it's camera, universe, hockey stick. >> did you it. did that's only because i knew i was being quizzed. thanks so much. still to come, was it a sudden decision or a long time in the planning? the latest on katie holmes' decision to divorce tom cruise. [ male announcer ] the inspiring taste of mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites. ♪ poppable pieces of tender chicken breast seasoned with just the right amount of spice, but just for a limited time. new spicy chicken mcbites. the simple joy of spicy perfection.
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there's magic in every piece of dove® dark chocolate. ♪ with our babysitter. no. these work, right? no. all right. mom! look what i found in the shed! no! no! no! ♪ ew! were you guys just making out in here? what? no! is it okay if i quit my job and start a blog? no. really? cold cuts from a package? yes. [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no," it's nice to finally say "yes." new oscar mayer selects deli meat. the tastes you love and no artificial preservatives. it's yes food. this morning on "today's
9:15 am
home," how to reuse and recycle your old household items. thinking about tossing out the old yoga matt or cds you haven't used in decades? britt has figured out ways to turn them into things you can use again. >> we have over a dozen ideas on ways to repurpose yoga mats. >> obviously we talk about cleaning it. >> put it in the washing machines to get rid of the germs and stink. most of them are made by pvc, which is not recycleable. instead of putting it in the land fill, you can repurpose it. you can cut it and use it as a dish matt. >> you cut it and it's done? >> exactly.
9:16 am
>> next? >> we've all had jars we can't open before. cut a little circle out of your yoga mat and you have a kung fu grip. get those jars open. next we have an ipad case. this is so simple. >> it looks designer. >> i know. you could see this in the apple store. just takes stitches all the way around. i hand stitched this. really easy. you can actually wear yoga mats, too. you'll see these in all the spas next year. these are flip-flops. you stitch them here and on the sides. if you run out of hair ties, you can use them in your hair. >> and a clip board. >> no need for a cork board. just pin up your to do list and photo on to your yoga mat. >> and coffee fillers? >> that's right. you might have a hundred lying around your house. first tea bags.
9:17 am
coffee filters on the just for coffee, they're for tea as well. can you sew them into little shapes. they make great gifts. if you have don't have a tea infuser, you use it for that. next, gift stuffing. if you run out of tissue paper. use it for that. >> party bowls. this is perfect for family night, movie night, popcorn, snacks. you can let your kids draw on them. easy to toss out. this next one is potpourri sachets. spring lavender into your coffee filter. you can tie it up with twine and toss it in your laundry. >> smells great. all these cd cases -- >> there are all kinds of ways
9:18 am
to repurpose cds and dvds. this first one is a make-up palleth. >> and did you just blue themgl on? >> we glued them on. you can customize them with photos. it's flat, packs very well when you're traveling. the next is a clock. can you buy a simple clock kit for less than $10. this is the first concert my husband and i went to, the kenny chesney concert. it's a night sentimental thing we have here. >> and you have jewelry. this looks like flava flav might wear this. >> last idea?
9:19 am
>> food storage containers. you can put in some blue and make it fancy. >> i love these ideas and i love you're rocking flava flav. coming up, everybody is talking about the new details in the tom cruise/katie holmes split. the late east right after this.
9:20 am
drop in now for sears' big 4th of july appliance event. right now, get up to 30% off all kenmore appliances and floor care. plus, get up to 15% off all other brands. and, an extra 5% off all appliances with your sears card. sears. number one in appliances.
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fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. there are new details on katie holmes' decision to file for divorce from tom cruise and
9:22 am
just how long that's been in the works. craig melvin has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is katie's new building here in chelsea behind me. one thing for sure, katie holmes is not going into hiding. she's been seen eating ice cream with her daughter, shop tping a the grocery store behind me, enjoying the neighborhood that is chelsea. all of this as we learn how she orchestrated the sudden split with tom cruise and who helped her. katie and suri, strolling, smiling and celebrating independence day in their new chelsea neighborhood. they spent some of wednesday shopping at whole foods, at one point stopping for a picture in the meat section. as the 33-year-old adjusts to her new life, new details are emerging about how her life with tom cruise suddenly ended. >> she was telling tom i love you but meanwhile she was doing things secretly. >> reporter: according to
9:23 am
sources, she had been plotting the split for a while. she reportedly told cruz she was going to a new place where there was a garage so she could seek privacy. >> she was actually moving out and starting her new life. >> reporter: according to south korea her side kicks in her secret plots to split, her parents, especially her father is a high powered lawyer. >> the father came in, fired her security detail, switched out cell phones. they pretty much cleaned house. >> reporter: tom cruise was believed to be in los angeles for his 50th birthday and has been in contact with suri, reportedly talking to his 6-year-old daughter on the phone several times a day. the biggest questions looming, who will get custody of suri and
9:24 am
will tom cruise's scientology faith become an issue. according to sources, there's a pre-nup. that may protect his fortune to a certain extent but may not help him win custody or limit his child support payments. >> he's probably looking at a very significant number if he's not awarded custody because the courts are going to try to provide the child with the same standard of living she would have enjoyed if the marriage had remained in tact. and these people live a tremendous lifestyle. >> reporter: so far no word from tom cruise's camp on all of this. that's the very latest from here in chelsea. back to you. >> you look at that little girl and hope they do what's right for her. >> still ahead on "today", the best products for a flawless complexion. >> first your local news.
9:25 am
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♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. good morning. 9:26 now. the bay bridge is partially closed after a police chase and crash shut down. two of five lanes are open now. officers say they were chasing a suspect heading out of san francisco when the driver lost control and slammed into the side of the bridge. gunfire broke out and officers say two people were hurt in that crash. san francisco police have brought out homicide investigators, though, they have not said whether anyone was killed. happening right now. jury deliberations set to resume in the william lynch trial at 9:30 who is accused of beating up father, a priest. he said he did it because
9:27 am
lindner sexually abused him as a boy. if convicted on felony charges, lynch faces a maximum of four years in prison. take a look at the forecast and the bay bridge traffic, we will take a look at that after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28 now. temperatures already warm in sunnyvale at 69. oakland, 58 degrees. by noon today, we will see the 70s and temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday. a that means a comfortable day? san jose. 79 today and 82 in livermore. into the weekend, the good news the weekend is around the corner but it's a warm one. upper 80s and low 90s. marla told you most of the lanes in the bay bridge still closed. 3 out of 5 lanes on the s-curve closed at the lower deck.
9:29 am
backing up all the way to here across the span the folks are stopped upcoming northbound 101 to the split. lower deck taking through the city and starting back over at 280. the split as you come into san francisco. that's a tough drive getting into the city. the b.a.r.t. is great. if you can take it, do that. let's get a live look at the san mateo bridge. option to the south. a light volume coming to us and 880 connecting the bay bridge and san mateo not a problem. back to you. >> mike, thanks. we will see you at 9:56 with our next update.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ we are throwing a dance party on the plaza tomorrow. the special guest star is flo rida, a hit star who knows how to get you moving. start your weekend off right with flo rida here tomorrow on "today." we cannot wait. willie is getting his moves ready. coming up we're talking about kitchen chic, from color coordinated counter accessory to stylish dishes. bobbie thomas is here on what you need to have to have the trendiest kitchen in your neighborhood. >> and we talk about this all
9:31 am
the time, at the cosmetics counter. we're hear with award winning picks for keeping your face looking fresh and youthful. >> also ahead, it's sometimes not what you eat but how and when you eat it. we'll show you how making little changes in the way you eat can help you take off and keep off unwanted pounds. >> first let's get another check in the weather. stephanie abrams is here. >> uncooked hot dogs. >> don't remind me. >> let's just get to the weather. let's have a look at our forecast through the day today and we are going to see that threat for heat yet again but i have a little secret for you guys. it going to cool off in the midwest and the northeast. today still record highs and thunderstorms. i promi 78 in
9:32 am
san jose and as we head through the upcoming weekend, yeah, the upper 80s return and the 90s back with isolated thunderstorms possible as we head into the beginning of next week. have a great day. >> one of those spots will be chicago. we've been above 100. we're going to be in the upper 80s. >> a little relief. up next, hot looks for your kitchen. but first, these messages. nser, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill™ technology, the new ge french door refrigerator is engineered to push the limits of fresh. so to prove it, we're taking one from the factory in kentucky and delivering it full of fresh food to a place fresh can't be found. ♪ easy. [ male announcer ] watch the adventure at
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this morning on "bobbi's style buzz," what's stylish in the kitchen. >> i was looking for style in the kitchen. >> there are some things here that are really practical. let's talk first about the countertop companions. i love this idea. >> this is not stylish, it's just smart. if you want to make a grilled cheese in the toaster, you can pick up a toastabags, the bags are reusable. an ingenius idea.
9:37 am
>> college students everywhere will love this. >> my mom. >> this is probably my favorite thing on the table. this is called the cherry chomper. you put a cherry inside like i have right now and you push down. it pits the cherry, it poops it out, the pit, underneath. it just has this perfect little hole. >> and this is a baggy rack. if you want to use zip lock bags to pour sources, it gives you an extra set of hands. and this is the scrap flap. you can move scraps away. >> and you've done a lot of great things here to add flair. >> the kitchen is often the woman's domain. i do like the measuring spoons
9:38 am
that look like engagement ring holders. these are spoons that are fantastic. they're only $9.99. >> i really love these pop art designs. these are so fun. they have little iconic faces. if you're going to store them on the counter, it's going to look a little more chic. >> and you found some great ser serveware. >> this is great for the summer. >> and they're plastic. >> this is a whisk that's collapsable and colorful. in the drawer it saves space. >> great idea. >> this apron has measurements upside down so when you're cooking, you can just look down. >> you put this on and you can
9:39 am
it while wearing it. everything's backwards. >> it tells you how long to cook the turkey for and all of these things. >> what are these? >> these are trongs. if you are cooking in the krichen and you want to deal with raw chicken, can you quickly move these around. >> i hate touching raw chicken. that's a really good idea. >> and these are taco holders? >> why did it take somebody so long to come up with this. these are taco plates. they hold three tacos. pretty easy. when you think about a pineapples, it looks hard to do. >> it is hard to do. >> $9.99 at bed, bath & beyond. you push it down and twice and pull it out. >> requires some muscle. >> some muscle but honestly i'm
9:40 am
a wimp and i'm completely amazed. so you pull it out and then it comes out like this. >> so you don't poke yourself on those things. >> well, bobbie thomas, great little gadgets. >> and everything is online at we should throw in our cameraman's idea, that he invented the sock mop, he uses his sock in the kitchen to clean and his wife loves it. >> coming up the top products for a beautiful complexion. day, there seems to be a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work... errands... ♪ ...a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ but you have hamburger helper on your side. with 40 varieties that are all fast and easy to make, nothing stands in your way of a home-cooked meal. hamburger helper. help is on the way.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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♪ ♪ >> this morning on "today's beauty," the best fact products. "prevention" magazine reviewed items for his beauty awards. they're ready to unveil the winners for the best complexion category. jennifer, good to see you. what does celebrate your beauty mean? is it obvious? >> other magazines do things that want to fix flaws or hide things about your face. we want to find products that give you the healthiest skin you can have so your real beauty shows through. 1,700 products were reviewed, we had 300 readers test the products under the supervision of a doctor. >> let get to your list.
9:45 am
>> sure. this is the best cleanser or cleansing system. it's the clarasonic mia2. >> can you use your regular products with it? >> it comes with a cleanser. j . >> awesome. gets that skin nice and clean. >> this is philosophy miracle workeri-aging fluid. one of the reasons we liked it is it has spf-5. readers complain some of the sunscreens are heavy and feel goopy on the skin. it also has peptides which boosts collagen in your skin. >> that's good stuff. moving on.
9:46 am
this is our best night serum or cream. >> what's a night serum? >> if you have dry skin, you put a moisturizer on. if you want a booster you use a serum. it's only $22. it won out against a lot of products that cost more than $100. it has ret inol which will smooth your skin and help up have fewer wrinkles. >> this is the first time we tested fact hair removers. we get questions all the time from our readers, how do you deal with fact hair. >> i'm covering my mustache now. >> we're bringing it out of the closet. so this is gentle for your face? >> yes. it has the accident -- it has
9:47 am
this for fine rare. and one for medium. >> this i see everywhere. >> this is the roc retinol treatment. this takes care of all the problems. you can put on the cream and serum. we had readers who had 20% fewer wrinkles after using this for six weeks. >> i love the price point. >> this is $27. you can add it in to your regular skin care. >> and the last one here? >> this is our eye cream winner. we had a tester who had crow's feet. she measured after using this for a month 32% fewer crow's feet. so that's really good. the cream has jojoba to moisturize. and the best thing is at the top there's a little concealer you can use, it has spf 15. it comes in three shades. >> that's $78.
9:48 am
these days eye creams are $400, $500. >> thank you very much. jennifer, good list. >> up
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning on "eat smart today," lose weight by changing your eating environment. if you have trouble controlling your portions and avoiding mindless eating, we have advice on how to pace yourself when it comes to food. madeline fernstrom is today's diet and nutrition editor. first, what is your eating environment? >> people are saying it's hard to lose weight. we say, sure, eat less. how do we sustain that? it's a mindset, it's behavioral. you have to figure out how do i have a supportive environment to keep my on track? we have a lot of good tips.
9:51 am
the first big one is portion control. >> it's the same amount of food, different plate. >> at the same time amount of foods, different plate. if you swap out a giant plate and go to something that is a salad plate size, at the same time amount of food, looks a lot better so you already are fighting that view of deprivation that it's not going to be enough stuff. same calories, same food. it's a really good strategy to do. >> it slows you down a little as you eat. >> the main thing is it's going to help you think the portion is big enough. we look at something and go this looks kind of puny for most people because there's so much space on the plate. >> let's move here. >> smaller portions, downsize your silverware. downsize. just go to today already size, not just smaller sizes. >> it's not just food. it's also drinks that can change the environment.
9:52 am
>> whether it's a beverage or glass of wine. a tall, skinny glass is going to look like a lot more and it's up to the top. it goes against that feeling that i'm not going to have enough but can you have the whole thing. one of the best tips people are always thanking me for is the one with the wine. same amount of wine. it's the same serving. >> can you ask for one of those in a restaurant. >> exactly. don't be shy about asking for that. >> buffets, you tend to go in with a shovel and eat with that. >> these giant serving spoons make it a big portion. if you start with a tablespoon you'll be able to taste and satisfy yourself. >> mindless eating. you're sitting, doing something else while you eat and the next thing is your food is gone.
9:53 am
>> if you have see, it you're eat it. you want a bowl of fruit on the table. your snack that are higher in calorie, make them 100 calories. keep them in the cabinet. keep the smart things out and keep the others away for a treat. even if you're eating yourself, set up a table so you're not doing anything else. don't watch television, don't read. you only want to talk to someone else. make sure you set this because your mindset is i'm going to eat now. >> you're telling me don't set up shop in front of the ball game with a bag of potato chips. >> and snap, it's gone. >> what are we doing here? >> a lot of people say i eat way too fast. can you use chopsticks to slow yourself down -- >> even if it's not chinese
9:54 am
food? >> yes. or you can use your nondominant hand. if you're right-handed, use your left hand to eat. >> i don't know if can i do that. >> just take a sip of water between. you want to chew and swallow and take a sip of water so you are pacing yourself and eating a lot slower. it's not even so much the amount of food. it's always going to be how fast you're going. and then if you eat fast, you're going to want more. >> i love the chopsticks idea. >> you can use it for anything. >> we learned a lot. setting the table, that's a smart thing. >> thank you. that's good advice. >> coming up, kathie lee and hoda. but first your local news and weather. have a great day, erveryone. >> bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. new details in the sexual assault potential case against san francisco giants pablo sandoval. the santa cruz scout sheriff's department expected to release an update on its investigation at 10:00.
9:57 am
a 21-year-old woman claims the giants third baseman sexually assaulted her at a beach resort last month. police have questioned sandoval but he has not been formally charged. sandoval says he is not worried about the outcome of this investigation. his attorney insists the incident was completely consensual. let's take a look at the forecast with christien kafton. >> temperatures right now are so comfortable in san jose at 63 degrees and holding on to the 50s in san francisco. by noon today we will see plenty of mid-60s and low seventh in the south bay and east bay as well and round out the day in the mid-80s. 83 in fairfield and 76 redwood city and 67 in santa cruz. we have got warmer weather for you and lots of it. friday through the weekend temperatures ramp up into the 90s and then we are going to heat you up next week and add monsoonal moisture which means humidity back in the bay area and maybe isolated thunderstorms in the mountains on tuesday so
9:58 am
get ready for a heat wave. here is mike with your drive. good news. smile on my face. i got this in my e-mail alerts. we have the sigalert update for the lower deck of the bay bridge. good news the bridge now all lanes reported clear at the s-curve. we have the backup and that continues as the lanes just reopened. look at all of this backup over there. still try to avoid the bay bridge lower deck if you can. if you a few minutes ago, look at the video. traffic backed up as you're approaching off the central freeway and skyway and heading toward the lower deck of the bay bridge and jammed there and on the approach as well. san mateo bridge an alternate for you and eastbound light approaching there. >> much better news for the bay bridge. see you again at 10:26. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for byn. nbc-universal television heo, everybody to thirsty thursday, july 5th. we hope you had a great holiday with your friends and families, and hope the fireworks across our great nashgs could you actually see them. i've been in nantucket where you can hear them but couldn't see them. some different weather was coming through. >> hope you had a great fourth of july. you may be taking the rest of the week off and hanging out with us. we hope that you are and enjoying yourself. >> we are cranky. >> everyone is heading back to work. we found some interesting
10:01 am
statistics and information you all should know about. >> we want to make you as cranky as we are. >> join us. traffic noise is linked to heart attacks. something to worry about if you live in the city. a study says people who live with loud sounds of traffic noise near their home had a higher risk of heart attack. >> for every 10 decibel increase there was a 12% higher risk of heart attacks. if there is a gazillio decibels, you're closer to having a part attack? it's exponential, i thought. >> don't confuse me with fancy words. i think there is probably a the lot of stress. i live in new york. on the corner where i am. we share the same building. >> we do. you're way up on the something floor and i'm down on the floor.
10:02 am
>> i like living above people. >> of course you do. there is a hospital. >> not on my side. >> you hear ambulances. you tune out. do you need total silences to sleep? >> no. there are sounds i love, a lake, waves. seagulls. i love to hear them and the sound of sail boats clanging as the tide changes. >> you know what i like to fall asleep to? can fall asleep in a second? >> i do. >> no, you don't. "law and order" reruns. i love "law and order." i watch marathons. i feel comforted when "law and order" is on. >> you're eating something at the time. >> yeah. ♪ >> we are going to lose hoda any moment. >> i grew up in another
10:03 am
generation and another century, actually. i was always taught that the customer is always right. no matter what, you grin and bear it. you try to make the customer as happy as possible. we have a situation here. >> in washington, d.c., a customer walked into a coffee house and asked for an espresso on ice. that's how he likes it. >> who are we to judge how the man likes it? >> the barista -- >> is a male guy a baristo? >> we'll check that with our crack team. amanda, joanne. >> someone get on that, please. >> he refused to sell it because he said it would ruin the drink. >> it would ruin it for him, but it makes it for the man who is ordering who has good, hard-earned cash ready to pay for it. >> some people get cringy. i've seen people order a beautiful egg omelet and ask for ketchup. >> frank does.
10:04 am
he would like ketchup with it. >> you see people cringing. the barista refused saying, "we don't do that because it will ruin it. we make the best espresso in the city and putting it over ice will shock it." >> here's the thing. that customer will never come back. what has been gained? did i just ruin your day? >> that barista has other problems. >> we've not heard -- please bring that over. you do it over and over again. we can't see it. >> look, look, look. barista is latin for bartender. >> it's unisex. you don't call it a bartenda. >> in long island they do. bartenda. yes, they do in long island and in new jersey. >> all right. here's a question for you. when you can't find your cell phone in your purse, you had it in your pocket, how panicky do
10:05 am
you get? >> not at all. >> you don't ever carry yours. >> i thought i left my phone at home this morning, but i asked christine to call me and i found it at the bottom of my purse. >> you weren't freaked out? >> you have it here. we are doing a national television show. >> i know. i have things on here, pictures. >> you have nude photos i told you to get rid of. >> i do not. i'm constantly checking it. a lot of people check their phones during meals. they check it 40% of people check it while in the bathroom. >> or right after sex. >> that's weird. >> which is really rude. >> what's going on? >> people don't smoke, they've got to reach for something and it's their phone. >> 25% check while driving which is against the law in everywhere or most places? >> pretty much across the board. our crack investigators could find out that, too. >> what's that latin for?
10:06 am
>> 10% check during religious services. we've got to make the religious services more exciting for people. >> i do think there is a weird thing. sometimes you're with someone at a restaurant. let me just check this. >> in our post human generation. we talked about it. we are now officially more comfortable with a machine than an actual human being across the room for us. yes. it's bad. think about the implications in terms of interpersonal relationships. look that one up. >> i know. you can get lost or one of these video games on your phone. i downloaded one called bejeweled. have you played that? >> i've seen it. >> you are sick. bejeweled. it is insane. you can get so addicted your eyes or crossing. you've never done it? >> why would i want to do that? >> i don't know. "law and order" was on, i had bejeweled, i was busy. >> i discovered why i keep
10:07 am
gaining weight and i don't eat much and work out every day. i don't get enough sleep. i am going to seek remedies. if you have ideas how i can get more than four hours a sleep. i have the empty nest thing now. before it was that you're listening, that mother. i don't have that any more. >> you just can't sleep? >> now i'm like to everything. >> are you thinking about things? >> i'm usually praying for you and all your problems. i think that's got to stop. >> why don't you take ambien. >> i've got a friend who is taking ambien and she's becoming loony tune. >> what about going to sleep earlier? >> i go to bed at 9:00. if i go to bed at 8:00, i'm up at midnight [ snoring ] >> that is rude. that is frank what you're hearing right now. how competitive are you?
10:08 am
we know how competitive you are, hoda woman. >> okay. there is a survey out yahoo, shine and "fitness" magazine. >> joanne, come over here please. show them what you're doing. she is talking. >> we are having technical difficulties. so you don't hear me and they do. >> we heard you. >> the question is who would you compete with for a job? would you compete with a best friend? if there was a job opening and you and your best friend were vying for it, would you compete -- i guess you have to compete. how could you not? 90% would compete for a job with their best friend. >> if you're an actress and you have two separate agents and the agents set you up and you both go for an audition for the same film, commercial, something like that. i've gone through that many times in my early career. sometimes your friend gets it,
10:09 am
sometimes you do. there are certain things you understand are part and parcel with the business. it's so subjective. >> right. you may be right for this thing, but this director wants you for that thing. >> what if you're in a business and there is one job that comes open? >> that recently happened around here. i was extremely happy for you when you were considered for something wonderful. i'm happy for you. if a person is a friend, you're thrilled for them. >> right, right, right. how did we get there? most people are competitive about weight and clothes. >> i'm competitive about sleep. how many hours is a lot? >> i get eight and i lost every last one. >> nothing wakes you up through the night? >> you usually go straight. i conk out. >> i got pregnant with cody 23 years ago, right? your body is hormonally changed forever. i have not slept through one night in 23. >> eight hours straight? >> no.
10:10 am
>> that's not great. >> i seem to do fine. >> you do. you function on four hours. >> i'm getting crankier all the time. the best restaurants in the u.s. my favorites are not object there. >> trip advisors came up with the top five. latuce until seattle, washington. in chicago, the girl and the goat. le cirq. gary danko in san francisco. >> that i think i went to with -- maybe not. >> the number one straubt in the country according to trip is la bernadette in new york city. >> it's a beautiful restaurant and serves delicious food but it's very heavy food. it's very rich and so we are going to show you. >> what makes these two dishes unique is they are each worth
10:11 am
$1,000. >> one is a pizza. $1,000. another is a belissima pizza. >> it's got creme fraiche, lobster tail, trout, radicchio and chives. this is the frittata. >> sara, give you a piece of this pizza. tell me if it's worth $1,000. >> get a good bite. >> i feel like i should cash this in and use it for something else. >> two pair of shoes, at least. >> i'd eat just the caviar. >> you like caviar? >> it's amazing. >> go for it, girl. >> here is your pizza.
10:12 am
>> get involved. >> if you love caviar -- >> you taste the fish. it's amazing. >> we are going to work this off, people. >> thank you. >> want you over there dancing. >> this is a mellow song. i love this one. >> slow dance with jerry. >> this is a song by natalie merchant that will put new a good mood and take you back. it's called "kind and generous." ♪ la la la la la la la la la ♪ >> so far i love the lyrics. >> they're easy to learn. ♪ la la la la la la la la >> here it comes. ready?
10:13 am
♪ you've been so kind and generous ♪ ♪ i don't know how you keep on giving ♪ >> just the way i roll. ♪ for your kindness i'm in debt to you ♪ ♪ for your selflessness my admiration ♪ ♪ for everything you've done you know i'm bound ♪ i'd like to thank you for everything ♪ ♪ la la la la la la >> is it okay to fire a friend? >> kathie lee says, sure. that's it. don't expect a friendship to remain the same. >> that's exactly right.
10:14 am
sometimes it comes down to that in friendship. i've got to do the better good for everybody. hoda says, no, it's not okay unless they've done something horrible. take care of your nearest and dearest. >> what if they've done something wrong? >> fire them. >> then don't expect the relationship to be the same. >> is your darling angel a bully in disguise when you're not looking? >> time for a little pampering. the amazing results of today's ambush makeover. these messages. [ male announcer ] we did a febreze experiment with the azerbaijani wrestling team. ♪ can febreze air effects defeat the smelly air in their gym for good? [ man ] what can you smell? [ inhales deeply ] a lot of flowers. it's on the zingy side of floral. potpourri factory, maybe. you can take off your blindfolds now. oh my gosh. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] success. victory over odors, for good, both here and in your home.
10:15 am
febreze. breathe happy. ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks lunching.nergy. at olive garden just $6.95. fresh, crisp salad made when you order it, four soups made fresh daily, baked breadsticks right out of the oven! just $6.95 for a limited time.
10:16 am
just doing what needed to be done. that's how heroes talk. you see, strength isn't something you find in a gym. it's what you bring to the gym. it may come in all shapes and sizes. but strength always comes from within. the makers of brawny® admire strength. that's why we're donating to the wounded warrior project. pick up a specially marked package of brawny to learn how you can help. brawny. we support our nation's heroes and their families.
10:17 am
>> we have to talk to you. >> is butter a carb? >> yes. >> gina, you're wearing sweat pants. it's monday. >> so? >> so, that's against the rules and you can't sit with us. >> whatever. you're not real. >> i was real that day i wore a
10:18 am
vest? >> that's disgusting. >> that's a scene from "mean girls" the movie that brought bullying to the big screen. the reality is not funny. headlines are making more and more, most recently a viral of kids bullying this sweet woman. >> how do you teach your child to stand up to the tough guys or the tough girls? jennifer is a parenting and adolescent therapist and kelly wallace is chief correspondent for ivillage. >> two things bothered us the first time we saw it. number one, these children were bullying this very sweet, innocent vulnerable lady that broke your heart. number two, no other children seemed to stand up to the bullies and do the right thing and make them stop. >> i'm a parent. i have two little girls, 6 and 4 1/2. a lot of moms had been talking about what can we do? one thing is teaching empathy.
10:19 am
you can use this as a teachable moment. show your kids if they are old enough to see it and deal with it. how would you feel if you were in that situation? >> or if that was your grandma. >> right what would you do. if you switch the roles, it gives them more confidence to stand up. >> you wonder why some kids are bullies in the first place. sometimes they come from parents who are bullies. sometimes they've been bullied themselves. >> do they learn it someplace? >> they might have it modelled for them that the people and adults in their life are bullies. they might have been bullied so they turn it around. maybe they have low self-esteem so they join in to feel part of the crowd or popular. maybe there is something going on at home no one knows about. >> what about the kids who don't say a word? >> there is the bystander effect. they are waiting for someone else maybe to step in. that could be part of it.
10:20 am
the other part we have to consider is, these are four kids bullying somebody. am i going to be the discenter and are they going to turn on me? how will i feel about that? there is a fear, especially 12, 13, 14 years old. >> if your kid gets bully and says this happened. a lot of parents say you stand up to that person. is that a good technique? >> i took out this book, "the bernenstain bears and the bully." the sister bear learns to box to beat up the bully. that's not right. >> violence is not the answer. >> i want them to use their words, express your emotions, reach out to a grown-up, talk to other people. use those resources around us. violence is not the answer. >> is it true most bullies are really cowards? if somebody stands up to them, they will actually back off? >> there is often this mask.
10:21 am
i'm putting on a mask to show i'm so tough. there is research that says the popular kids that are the bullies continue to bully so they stay popular. there is a myth. if you can't stand up, even if it's not with violence, it's being able to say i'm not going to accept you treat me this way. this is not okay to me. i think parents can accept that. >> one parent talks to the kids about the bully and what the victim feels like and also about the bully. she tries to teach her kids compassion for the bully. there is something going on with that child. >> i taught cody that years ago. i heard him talking to christine's nephew one time. he goes, why do you think that kid does those bad things? i heard cody say what i had said to him. maybe he doesn't have a mommy and daddy who love him. i thought, whoa, he was listening. wow. >> thank you. >> that's the key. they are always listening. you want to give those messages
10:22 am
that are clear. >> thanks, ladies. good behavior does get rewarded. that's why these two lucky ladies got plucked off the plaza. >> they are getting treated to a makeover. don't hide behind your lipstick.
10:23 am
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10:24 am
wait until you see the breathtaking results of today's ambush makeovers. >> then we take it home with house wares made only here in america. >> take the carry-on. the best beauty items to breeze
10:25 am
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10:26 am
get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check. good morning. 10:26. i'm marla tellez. the lower deck is back open for the bay bridge but still a slow drive. eastbound 80 across the span take a look at right here. overnight police chase and shooting on the bridge is to blame. the eastbound lanes were closed
10:27 am
around 3:00 this morning and all lanes reopened 30 minutes ago. if you're headed in that direction allow yourself extra time. we will take a look at the forecast and the roads after the break.
10:28 am
10:28 now. welcome back. we got a really good looking day shaping up. temperatures will be cooler than yesterday and 60 in san mateo and 75 sunnyvael and 63 in san jose. as of noon a couple of low 70s out there in the south bay and round out the day in the upper
10:29 am
70s and low 80s. 72 fremont and 67 in santa cruz with clouds hugging the coastline all day long. a big time warm-up on the way. your full forecast today at 11:00. first, let's check the snarl with mike. >> yeah. you know what? the cars are snarled but marla told you a few minutes ago, all lanes of the lower deck is open but look at the red, the backups. live shot. traffic coming toward us. northbound 101 at hospital curve just now the last two minutes seeing cars start to move much better. northbound coming off cesar chavez. backed up to the 280 interchange toward the lower deck acss into san francisco. that sigalert has cleared. the south bay now lighter flow the rest of the bay area fortunately but an accident nine cars reported involved and no major injuries. we will follow that sigalert as well. >> a lot going on the roads.
10:30 am
we will see you at 11:00 for bay area news. it's thirsty thursday and that means it's time for today's plaza ambush makeovers where we pluck them out of the crowd and surprise them with a new look. >> our makeover team contributor and stylist to the stars, luis licari. >> "today" and "us weekly" contributor and author jill martin. nice warm day. a lot of people? >> tons of people. today we just found two pretty women that did not have a clue how pretty they were. >> they are going to find out. >> terri mcnamara, 40 years old from davis, california. a busy teacher, marathon finisher and mom of three boys. between her job and running her
10:31 am
sons back and forth she doesn't have a minute for herself much less her appearance. >> we are here with the mcnamaras. why does mom deserve this? >> it's almost her 41st birthday. >> she is a very good mom because my dad is always at work and she takes care of us. >> she buys us stuff. >> we love that, right. why do you think your wife deserves it? >> she is a wonderful mother and wife. >> that is nice to hear, i'm sure. are you ready to go three hours of pampering? >> yeah. absolutely. >> all right. she is here with her husband and three boys, griffin, tanner and logan. keep your blindfolds on. here is kerry mcnamara before. let's see the new you. >> all right, boys. take off your blindfolds. she's over here. >> whoa!
10:32 am
>> all right, you ready to see yourself? >> spin it around. all what it around. >> oh, my goodness. >> beautiful! >> that's amazing. >> spin around if you wouldn't mind looking at camera 12. love the hair. >> isn't that perfect hair? vanessa did the haircut today. she shaped it, layered it. she reshaped long bangs around her face which is flattering. i changed the coalor tone a little bit. she looks incredibly glamorous. >> all right, boys. let's hear it. >> she looks nice. >> dad, what do you think? >> she was beautiful before, but is even more beautiful now. >> that is a great dress. >> i love the front. she turned around and the back is gorgeous. >> i want to show the back. look how pretty that is.
10:33 am
>> it's maggie london. it's a way to changeup the little black dress, shorter in the front and longer in the back. she didn't have one. this is a trendier version. >> a big round of applause for kerry. you can join your boys over there our second lady is jody, 52 from las vegas. a mother of four and never had the time to take care of herself. her definition of hair care consists of going to a local beauty school and have the students do her cut and color. let's hear her story. >> you want this for your mom probably more than her. why does she deserve it? >> she is such a great mom. she brings everybody everything and does everything for us. she brought us to new york city. we are having such a great time and we can't wait for the rest of our day to be starting. >> you told me you want her to look new york city hot? >> yes. we are from las vegas city. we have to have a great day here in new york, as well. >> are you ready to step it up a little bit? >> i'm ready. >> that is her daughter briana.
10:34 am
jody before. bring jody out, everybody. >> wow! >> you're not going to believe it. take your blindfold off, hon. judge, oh, my gosh! >> turn around. you're not going to believe how beautiful you look. >> oh, my god! that's not me. >> you look gorgeous. >> you look gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> i wasn't a beauty school dropout so i said go for it. that's what we did with the hair color. we made her brighter, and warmer. everyone knows is one of my favorite colors. look at her eye color. the lashes plus the hair color working together. >> she is crying, hoda is crying, luis is. >> i love when they love it.
10:35 am
>> what do you think of your mom? >> you look gorgeous. we are ready for a day out now. >> what about that dress? >> i know. and her anniversary. >> she had tennis shoes on before. this is donna morgan. she told me i want to wear something dark. here is turquoise. and the necklace. >> sara is making her way up. >> there is no place like home. >> that's right. home goods made here in america. [ buzz ] off to work!
10:36 am
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10:39 am
as we celebrate fourth of july all week, we bring you our special series called "made in america." today we are talking home goods. >> whether you need dishes, new twists for your pets. >> our chef and cookbook author is here with housewares made in our wonderful nation. how are you? >> thank you for having me back. >> this stuff you're starting off with is beautiful. the flatware is beautiful. >> one of the most important things we can do is help create a sustained economic recovery and keep demanding "made in the usa." we are having an impact.
10:40 am
we are starting off with homer loughlin china. this is a pottery in newell, west virginia. they employ 700 u.s. workers. they have 15 colors. it's got a five-year chip warranty, lead-free and great prices. >> look at this for devilled eggs. >> 75 pieces. it's excellent. place setting is about $29.95 for five pieces. >> that is fantastic. >> beautiful pottery made in the usa. this is the only flatware made in the united states. it's made in sheryl, new york. >> feel the weight. >> it's stunning. this is a company that's been in business since the 1800s. they were struggling because of the outsourcing but america is putting them back to work. they need our support. >> where are they located? >> sheryl, new york. liberty this is made in michigan. >> love michigan. >> it's all michigan glacial
10:41 am
hardwood. they replenish the hardwood. they have cutting boards, tool for your nonstick pans, woks, a nice wine rack for you gals. >> this is art goodies, a small company, grand rapids, michigan, studio. everything is made with 100% organic cotton and vintage fabrics. she's got these little pillows, aprons, block prints, all done by hand. >> this is a company called preserve. this he do housewares made from 100 perfect recycled plastic. >> i love it. >> u.s. source recycled plastic. it's our garbage. >> i love that. >> it's got a great feel. >> does it come in all colors. >> great price point. everything from kitchen to cutting boards. >> you twist it instead of having to snap it.
10:42 am
>> very smart. >> these things mean a lot to us. >> for cooking and stuff. >> you cook so much. what else? >> method was started by two guys in san francisco who wanted to put a hurt on dirt but not the earth. it's pet-friendly. made from recycled plastic. >> i use this stuff myself. >> you can get it at target, lowes and kroger. and for pets. they have an entire section of their website called main street revolution dedicated to u.s. small businesses and minority-owned businesses so they can have access to that national marketplace. these are little independent companies, rough stuff is one of the companies. they have this fantastic catnip and pet bakery. >> i love their little treats. >> treats for your pets. and bone bons.
10:43 am
>> are these chocolate covered? if. >> you had enough sugar today. >> these are cat and dog tested. you get all threes through this is from mosaic. hand made pet beds. they market them as dog beds, but my cats went crazy for them. they are machine washable. very good quality. then from kitty pod, this is a company in santa cruz, california. they are making very -- this is all heavy-duty, recycled industrial cardboard habitats for your cats. and furniture. it's very good quality. this is all cat tested. the cats we let loose love it. went crazy and it's built to last. these guys are doing neat stuff. they also make these toys. and stickily -- >> stickly. >> they've been making this since the 1900s. this company was rescued by audi
10:44 am
when the five generations were done. the company is still manufacturing beautiful, beautiful -- the kind of furniture you pass down from generation to generation. >> thank you so much. >> hopefully it helps our country. >> coming up, tomorrow is fun for all you girls and boys, toys made right here in america. >> if you're about to pack your bags, the best beauty products. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪
10:45 am
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10:48 am
>>. >> it's time for "today's travel." making packing easy, but you have a hard time stuffing all your belongings into one bag. >> "cosmopolitan" beauty director leah wire has the beauty products you can bring onboard that help with restrictions and still help you look your best. i'm so excited about this segment. >> i know. we travel a lot and it's a pain.
10:49 am
>> this is for you guys then. we'll start with the towelette trend. facial cleansing wipes. we love these at night time because they take off the make-up, dirt and oil and are infused with anti-aging ingredients and hydrating ingredients. one pack can be your make-up remover, face wash and night cream. >> do these count as liquids? >> no. which makes it fabulous. sunscreen you never want to leave home without. the big innovation here is they are coming in wipes. just like the facial wipes, but sunscreen. >> very smart. >> the little sticks. >> how cute. >> these are clarens and clinique. it's a little pushup. this brand le fresh makes everything you can imagine in
10:50 am
towelette form like deoderant and body lotion. >> nail polish remover. >> insect repellant. >> so smart. la fresh. >> girl on the go. they make a kit with paper, shampoo, body wash and soap. put them in water and they lather up. they'll dissolve after a little while. >> that is great. this is shampoo and rinse? >> all three for $14. >> crazy is you have no place to wipe your hands. i'm going to pretend that it's fine, but it's not. she wants to wipe her hands. there are wipes down there. >> eye make-up. >> these are miniature versions of full-size stuff. >> look at this. >> this is called the shopping bag palette from sephora.
10:51 am
>> that takes the place of a lot of your make-up. >> these are so cute. stop it. >> and they are only $1. think of how much you can do with vaseline with multitasking. >> what do you mean exactly? >> you can tame the brows, a lot you can do. >> okay. >> we hear about girls having bad days on vacation. you go to the hotel and you don't like their stuff. >> and a lot don't give you stuff any more. >> organics makes great big-size stuff for the shower, but everything comes in small. 20 different types of shampoo and conditioner. >> come on, you've got to be kidding me. >> this is adorable. >> a lot of times we don't bring full-size appliances. this is from a division of
10:52 am
con-air and a product from crush. this is a curling iron. >> where is the part that holds your hair. >> this is a curling wand. you take your hair and wrap it around. gives you a modern, beachy wave. >> very cute. >> you're nice and tiny, too. >> yes you are. >> and that little case. >> to throw it all in. >> that was great. >> ever wonder what it was like to have a life-size game of hot wheels? >> i was wondering that the other day it's weird. >> we'll show you. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
it's time for webtastic where our own sara haines scours the web looking for the next video you want to forward to your friends. >> this week features a dream every little boy and lots of girls wishes would come true.
10:56 am
>> from the play room floor to flooring the car, check out what these guys got to do on the x-games. >> it's two guys. they got to do that on the x-games in los angeles. they posted that video june 30th. has over a million hits. >> they are not professional drivers, they are not kids? >> they are not actually little kids. the play is off the fact it's a kid game. it's called the double dare loop. >> i can't believe that is possible that the car doesn't flop. >> it's a physics thing but there is a very specific speed that they need to do. they are not connected to that. >> thank you, miss sara for that information. >> tomorrow, things to see and
10:57 am
do. >> a guy who visited 50 main street. you'll love these pictures. -- captions by vitac --
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